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JUNE 2, 2018

Olancha Sculpture Gardens

Just south of Olancha, California there is a perennial hitchhiker that people slow to see and often stop to observe first hand. It is a giant metal sculpture that can be seen on the low horizon from a few miles away. It appears mysterious and startling to the passerby. Disturbing even more so is this looming figure in the context of the many other sculptures artist Jael Hoffmann has included in her desert sculpture garden. This is much more than a roadside stop to break the monotony of miles of arid land, backed by the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

For Hoffmann the sculpture, visible to all those traveling Highway 395 south of Olancha, has several meanings. The unknown hitchhiker is carrying a suitcase, which represents all the baggage we carry through life's journey. There is also a feeling of personal freedom, and female empowerment attached to the figure, with her wrench necklace, and thumb extended, waiting for what life will be offering next, ready for the unexpected.


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